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2023 PAC Drumline Exercises

The camp will have 3 different drumlines: Bronze, Green, and White. Every drumline will play some of the exercises and the cadence together. Each drumline will also play exercises and a performance piece on their own. You can decide which drumline you would like to perform; we can also help you decide! You do not need to audition for the Green and White Drumlines. Prepare as much as you can! No worries if some of the exercises are challenging. We will help you at the camp!

The Bronze Drumline, which prepares a student for college / corps / WGI auditions, requires an audition at the beginning of the camp. The audition will consist of exercises below (with the bronze dot) in addition to the Bronze performance piece, which will be completed by the beginning of June.

If you have any questions, you can send them to Jon Weber at .


A link to the performance pieces for each drumline will be emailed to you when you register for the camp. If you registered but have not recieved this link, please email

whitegreen Gallop Gallop Gallop
greenbronze PACadence 2018- snare 1 PACadence 2018- tenor 1 PACadence 2018 - bass 1

PACadence 2018- snare 2

PACadence 2018- tenor 2 PACadence 2018 - bass 2
bronze On Drive On Drive On Drive