**Important! The 2021 DOP has been moved to Haslett High School!**

We are hosting our Day of Percussion in 2021! This will be on Sunday, October 10, at Haslett HS. We are excited to have our 2021 guest clinicians BYOS, Ralph Nader and Harvey Thompson!

The schedule for the event is here.

2021 Event Information

Tickets will be $10.00 at the door for all adults.

Children under 10 will be admitted free of charge.

All interested people are invited to attend. This event is informal; people can come and go as desired. The Rudimental Day of Percussion will be approximately 11 am - 6:30 pm; the schedule will adjust slightly based on the amount of drumlines performing, etc. Some concessions are sold at the school; people should bring money for lunch.

Each registered high school drumline perform for around 25 minutes; the clinicians will work with each group towards the end of this allotted time. Registration is $250; this will cover the drumline members and staff.

All audience members / drumlines are invited to work with each section of the MSU Drumline (snares / tenors / bass / cymbals) for a part of the day. Please bring your own instruments / sticks / mallets. No registration required!

We will have a rudiment table. We will have MSU Drumline members with a list of rudiments at this table.  Students can then try to play these rudiments to achieve levels.  The 40 “essential” rudiments are listed here: http://vicfirth.com/40-essential-rudiments/  

Door prizes are awarded throughout the day!

Registration Form - Drumline

Registration Form - Solo / Ensemble

FAQ about the event

Some of our past guest artists / clinicians: Scott Johnson, Jeff Queen, Bret Kuhn, Mike McIntosh, Jeff Moore, Jeff Prosperie, Matt Savage, Colin McNutt, Murray Gusseck, Roger Carter, Tim Jackson, Ralph Hardimon, Wayne Bovenschen, Tracy Wiggins, and more!